EyeCheck® Pupillometer - We offers the only non-video screening technique world wide for human impairment, which is non-evasive, pass/fail, portable and lightweight, by it's patented scattered light recording process. Thus by capturing more data points per second then others, for a scientifically validated process exceeding the standards for Specificity and Reliability for a screening instrument. EyeCheck has been scientifically proven to be 93 to 99.3 percent accurate when compared to blood levels for drugs of abuse.

Interactive Satellite Impairment Monitoring Station™ (I-SIMS) - The I-SIMS is a real time, non-invasive pass/fail drug detection screener, finger/photo identification, and audio/visual kiosk with control room, for up to 10 remote I-SIMS Kiosk locations, which facilitates fully interactive contact sessions.

PosiScan™ Finger/Photo Identification - The PosiScan™ utilizes biometric fingerprint scanning technology to provide accurate, foolproof identification for pre-registered members. The biometric scanning capability uses technologies developed to eliminate false positives, accurate minutia pointing, and latex proof technology to prevent fraudulent analysis and identification.

Software Applications - The software applications for the EyeCheck® can be used separately or in combination depending on your needs for screening, such as Drugs, Fatigue, Chemical and for medical applications.



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