ISIMS (Interactive Satellite Impairment Monitoring Station)

I-SIMS Kiosk integrates a real time, non invasive Pass/ fail drug detection screening with and encrypted finger/photo identification system. I-SIMS facilitates full interactive contact session between two people who are speaking from different locations. This allows for long or short distance counseling and or drug screening.

The I-SIMS has two components; one is a kiosk that is located at the "remote" area. The other station can be in your office or in a location that is easily accessible to you.


  • Promotes sound supervision practices
  • Provides for court ordered drug screening
  • Early intervention response to non-compliant persons
  • Saves on travel, time, and administrative costs, such as hotels, meal, fuel. Etc.
  • Allows coverage in places with geographical difficulties.
  • I-SIMS can be obtained as a "turn key" system to meet your needs.
The I-SIMS Control Room is designed to your convenience. It can be placed in your own office or in an office that is available to other personnel. What this provides is for your staff to be able to speak to the person that is at the kiosk at anytime.

These are the following functions:

  • Two-way real time interactive communication via your VPN internet hook-up
  • Two-way voice interactive
  • Downloadable audio instructions for the person to communicate with you
  • Printing and scanning capabilities
  • One way video
  • Software is activated and controlled by your staff
The I-SIMS Kiosk is at a remote site. This allows for interaction with the person in the control room. With a fingerprint and a photo that is obtained on enrollment to the system.

The fingerprint than is the key to opening the I-SIMS kiosk session. This can be of great use from just a client needing to file forms or send forms to the counseler without an attendant at the Control room station. Hense paper work can be done literly 24/7. If a client need counseling or a drug screening then the counseler needs to be present. In some area's Judges have excepted the digital encrypted fingerprint to be used as an actual signature.

I-SIMS works for counseling, drug screening or just to send and receive documents.

Features include:

  • Touch screen monitor
  • Paper scanner and fax
  • Printer
  • One way video and two way audio intergraded with the control room
  • Merges video, audio and data streaming technologies into a single application

In summary: The two locations combine drug screening capabilities, encrypted finger/photo identification with a fully interactive remote satellite station. The I-SIMS is a solution to your problem of over-coming geographical difficulties, which will save time and money and ultimately the over all moral of your staff.

I-SIMS video clip


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