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Drug Test
Drug Test
Drug Test

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Simple one-step protocol can be easily performed by all personnel
"Walkaway procedure" accommodates interruptions in workflow
Fast turnaround time as negative results appear in as little as 30 seconds and positive results in 5 minutes

Insert : PBM LifeSign P10

PBM LifeSign P10

$24.00 + GST

Drug Test

PBM AccuSign Single Assays

Add three drops of urine to the sample well and read the result after a few (and within 10) minutes. A control line coming up at the top of the window shows that the test kit is in working order. A line in the test window means that the donor has "passed" the test (drug not detected). A missing line is positive test result. Any part of a line is a negative test.

Insert: THC- NIC

AccuSign DOA Single Test

$10.00 + GST

Drug Test

DTA AccuTest Split Sample Cup

AccuTest 10+2 Cup is a rapid diagnostic test for drugs of abuse in urine. Samples are collected in the cup, which separates the specimen in two distinct chambers. One portion of the specimen will be used during the initial screen, while another portion will be reserved if a patient comes up positive and further confirmation testing at a reference laboratory is needed. 7+2 is testing for THC, BZO, COC, AMP, MET, OPI, OXY, MTD, BAR, OPI2000 and pH, Creatinine.

Insert: AccuTest DOA 10+2 Urine Split Specimen Cup

Split Sample Cup

$16.00 + GST

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