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A reliable, cost effective way to screen for drugs, fatigue and chemicals!

EyeCheck™ pupillometer uses patented technologies to deliver reliable pupil measurements in less than five minutes for the detection of drugs, fatigue and chemicals.

You can screen for human impairment without having to handle hazardous body fluids.
Screen your drug free client's rapidly and reliably!

The EyeCheck™ pupillometer is:
  • Non-invasive Non-Gender specific Instant results Privacy issues eliminated No Baseline necessary Medically peer reviewed
  • Minimal training is required

    It's easy to use...
    An individual simply peers into the unit's viewing area. A light flashes, and the pupil reacts to that stimuli, causing constriction and then re-dilation of the pupil.

  • EyeCheck™ pupillometer tracks the pupil's reaction response to a light stimuli.
    The pupillary dynamics are collected, recorded, and stored.
    The data is then processed and the results are displayed on your computer screen.
  • The displayed data indicates a PASS/FAIL results
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